Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Dream Dictionary. To see the letter "G" in your dream may be a pun on money. To dream that you are gagging denotes that you are not able to express yourself in how you really feel about a situation.

Alternatively, this dream may forewarn that you need to keep quiet before you put your foot in your mouth. To dream that you are attending a gala symbolizes your celebration of life. You are in a good place and are embracing what life has to offer.

DREAM ABOUT ANTS I Find Out The Biblical Meaning of Ants In Dreams I

To see the galaxy in your dream represents your creativity. It also means that you are looking at the broader picture and are more aware of your surroundings.

To dream of being caught in a gale indicates that you are losing control on things that you never had control of in the first place. You need to find another way to approach and solve your problems. Alternatively, the dream may also be telling you that you are too serious. You need to lighten up. Gall Bladder. To dream of your gall bladder suggests that you need to rid yourself of negative energy. You need to let go of your guilt or bitterness in order to grow.

To see the gallows in your dream indicate that you are feeling threatened in your waking life. The dream may be a metaphor for something that you have left hanging or unfinished. If someone dies on the gallows, then it represents a transitional phase in your life.

To dream that are gambling suggests that you are too impulsive and relying too much on fate. You are not taking responsibility for your own decisions or actions. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes risk-taking activities. If you are not a gambler and dream that you are gambling denotes that you need to take a chance or let up on yourself.

Be a little more spontaneous! To dream that you are hunting, shooting at, or killing game refers to the game of life. It also represents your ability to keep your animalistic nature in check and in control. To dream that you are on a game show suggests that you need to change some aspect of your life around. You may be experiencing feelings of uncertainty and what the future may hold. Consider the type of game show or the name of the game show.

What are you playing for and what is its significance relative to your waking life. If you dream that you are a game show host, then it represents your over-the-top personality. Perhaps you are hiding some disappointment or you are downplaying something exciting happening in your life. It is time to relax. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes the spirit of competition and the rules you live by. Consider the type of game you are playing for additional significance.

To dream of Gandhi indicates that you can still get your way without use of force.Dreams about clothes are not unusual. We wear clothes every day and see it all around us.

Red Dream Meaning

But sometimes, even clothes can have a symbolic meaning in a dream, especially if it is in a spotlight of your dream. If people in your dream were wearing white clothes, or if you saw white clothes lying around you in a dream, then this could represent changes in your life that are about to happen. These changes might be good or bad, depending on your current life situation and whether you are currently happy in life or not.

If you saw yellow clothes in your dream, then this dream represents success. You will be successful in everything you do and things will simply go your way. If the clothes were blue, then you are going to make your dreams come true.

If you had a dream about green clothes, then this dream represents happiness and prosperity in life. If you had a dream about colorful clothes, then this dream represents different events that are going to take place in your life.

red shawl dream meaning

They are going to be various, meaning that some of them could end up being positive and some might be negative. In any case, you should be prepared for a turbulent period in life that will bring along a lot of changes. If clothes in your dream were tight, then this dream means you are desperate and you need changes in your life. It is time to make some changes for the better and finally become happy with your life. Sometimes people are too stubborn to realize some things, and if you are honest, then the truth will come out eventually.

If you were wearing black clothes in a dream, then this dream represents sadness and loss you are going to experience. Maybe you are going to lose a loved one or someone close to you, or even end a relationship. In any case you will feel like a part of you has been lost and you might fall into sadness. If you had a dream where you lost your clothes, then this dream is a representation of your current financial situation. This is a right period to avoid over spending or buying things that are not necessary, because solving these financial issues might not be as easy as you think.

Dirty clothes in dreams are a representation of abuse or violence you might experience. You should be careful around other people and avoid getting too involved with strangers. Not all people are friendly and honest as they seem after the first conversation.

You might end up being a victim of deceit, so be careful who you trust. Contrary to the above explanation, neat clothes represent good financial situation and a lot of money coming your way. You will have a lot of luck when handling money, so this might be a good period for investments.

All of your business and career projects are going to be successful, so make sure you make the best out of this period of time. If you were naked in your dream, then this could represent a warning sign. Your secrets could get exposed and you might be a subject of vicious rumors, that will be started by others. If other people, or people you know well, were without clothes in a dream, this dream represents a warning sign as well. You should be careful about certain people in your life and also aware of certain things in your life that could bring you a lot of happiness.

Things you might be overlooking or people you are neglecting, might go away and you will definitely notice that they are gone. Just make sure that you act before it is too late. Skip to content. Dreams About Diamonds — Interpretation and Meaning.Pay attention to the scarf, bandana, ascot, etc.

Possible meanings include:. See also: clothes jewelry necktie. This dream dictionary gives suggested meanings of dream symbols. A dream symbol often means something different in different dreams. There is no standard meaning of a dream symbol or dream that is accurate for all dreams. Dream meaning is very subjective, and your dream symbol may mean something completely different from the meaning listed in this dream dictionary.

There is no single "standard meaning" of a dream symbol or dream. I am not a therapist. If you are experiencing physical or psychological problems, or if you are distressed, consult a medical professional.

Contact Feedback Search. Context - How the dream symbol appears in the dream.

Dreams About Someone Stealing From You – Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

For example, in a dream about a bee - what was the bee doing, how and where it was doing it, and how did you feel about it? Look beyond the obvious - A dream is often about something other than its obvious meaning.

Physical events in the dream commonly represent mental or emotional matters. What Does Your Dream Mean?

red shawl dream meaning

About Dream Symbols This dream dictionary gives suggested meanings of dream symbols. All rights reserved. Testimonials Disclaimer Terms of Agreement.By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. In a dream you can see the color red in any shade or the entire tint of your vision might be red such as in seeing red or rose colored glasses.

When you notice a lot of red in a dream then you want to be aware of your own feelings and understand that your psyche is trying to convey feeling or emotion through the color as a way to get your attention. When you dream about any color you want to take into account what the color means in relation to your own feelings. The color you dream of in a dream indicates your own emotion about the dream itself.

Consider the aspect of the dream and what emotion best applies. If there was a lack of emotion in a dream then usually the true meaning is repressed and you are not meant to know. In this case then you need to take the color into account with your meaning and be honest with your own life. If you notice the color in a dream and red stands out or pops out at you then this can be a distraction for you and indicating that you are being distracted in your waking world from the real issue.

Because of this sometimes it is best not to dig too deeply in dreams like these. Because the color red is a passionate one, it is a good color to have when you are interested in someone and whenever you see red associated with a person that you are interested in or a partner in your dream, then it is a good omen for passion and closeness between you and this person.

Red is also the color of creation and can indicate the rekindling of an old romance or lighting the fire under a new one. Skip to main content. Red Dream Meaning What does a Red mean in your dream. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore. Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed.

Tea Leaf Dictionary Learn how to read the symbols in your tea cup. Boys Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means. Girls Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means.

Saints Dictionary Learn how saints can help you. Flower Dictionary A-Z guide of flower meanings. Occult Dictionary Understand occult terms. Herb Dictionary Learn about what herbs mean. Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings.Prayer shawls are pieces of cloth used by Christians to give comfort and spiritual strength to the sick, dying, poor or those suffering from bad fortune.

They are blessed in honor of a saint, angel or a deceased person or can be blessed through prayer through the laity. They are also given to people at times of celebrations, such as baptism or at the birth of a child.

Prayer shawls are usually hand-knitted by the giver and as such are a symbol of loving care and devotion. The number three is very symbolic in Christianity and is significant in the creation of prayer shawls.

There are also threes reflected in the natural life cycle and in nature itself such as "earth, sea, sky" or "birth, life, re-birth. Throughout human history, there has been much significance and symbolism attached to colors. There are colors that calm, colors that provoke and colors that can depress.

The color red has long been denoted for danger while black has often been used as a somber, moody color used in mourning ceremonies or to intimidate. Heraldry, royalty and warfare have long used color to denote symbolical meaning and spirituality.

Religion also uses symbols and colors to convey expression and meaning. The prayer shawls are separated into different colors to denote different qualities or meanings. These meanings are to be matched or considered when choosing which color to use for the prayer shawl for a certain recipient.

For example, pink symbolizes friendship, compassion and generosity. Black symbolizes strength, self-confidence and protection and absorbs negativity. Every color in the palette has a meaning. Silver symbolizes feminine energy and intuition; gold symbolizes masculinity and enlightenment. And white symbolizes purity and innocence.

In addition to certain emotions and qualities, colors in prayer shawls are also believed to give strength and healing to individuals suffering from specific ailments and diseases. Red and yellow shawls are given to sufferers of HIV; blue and yellow are given for Down syndrome. Pink is for breast cancer. There is no real official religious symbolism to these colors. Instead, they are a response to a desire in some to ascribe a color to a condition and are based on commonly used colors in other areas, such as fundraising, that are used for each condition.

The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. Photo Credits.By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Skip to main content. Dream Dictionary Uncover the truth about your dreams. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore.

Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed. Tea Leaf Dictionary Learn how to read the symbols in your tea cup. Boys Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means. Girls Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means. Saints Dictionary Learn how saints can help you. Flower Dictionary A-Z guide of flower meanings. Occult Dictionary Understand occult terms.

Herb Dictionary Learn about what herbs mean. A-Z of Dreams. Dragon in dreams.

red shawl dream meaning

Dream About Traveling. Dreams of snakes meaning. Washing Machine. A - the letter. A Bag Filled With Grains. A Bag Filled With Vegetables. A bamboo cane. A Beach. A Case Instead of a Bag. A colostomy Bag. A duffel bag. A heavy bag. A Lucid Dreamer.

A multi-story car park. A panda eating bamboo. A Student School Bag. A test or exam result. A Torn Bag.Symbols are the language of dreams. A symbol can invoke a feeling or an idea and often has a much more profound and deeper meaning than any one word can convey. At the same time, these symbols can leave you confused and wondering what that dream was all about.

Acquiring the ability to interpret your dreams is a powerful tool. In analyzing your dreams, you can learn about your deep secrets and hidden feelings. Remember that no one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams than yourself. To guide you with your dreams interpretations, we have interpreted over keywords and symbols and over 20, different meanings in our ever expanding dream dictionary. There is no "one dream interpretation fits all. Every detail, even the most minute element in your dream is important and must be considered when analyzing your dreams.

Each symbol represents a feeling, a mood, a memory or something from your unconscious. Look closely at the characters, animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color and numbers that are depicted in your dreams. Even the most trivial symbol can be significant. This dictionary, along with your own personal experiences, memories and circumstances, will serve to guide you through a meaningful and personalized interpretation.

With practice, you can gain an understanding of the cryptic messages your dreams are trying to tell you. Dream Dictionary. Email the webmaster at dreammoods dot com with questions or comments about this web site. All rights reserved.

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